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Transmission Rebuilding

Transmission Rebuilding

Rebuilt and tested to the highest standards, our transmission rebuild quality is unsurpassed. Every transmission is tested in our new state-of-the-art transmission dynamometer to ensure that you receive the best possible product.

The automatic transmission brings the power from the engine to the drive wheels through a series of gear sets and friction devices (known as “Clutches and Bands”). It has a brain (called the “Valve Body”) which responds to electrical and hydraulic signals that tell the transmission when and how to shift. It has a heart (known as the “Pump”) which provides the hydraulic pressure necessary to provide lubrication and apply the appropriate friction devices. Although it may sound simple it is the most complex component in any automobile. Transmission problems can take several forms. Each symptom may have a number of possible causes, some requiring extensive repairs while others will only need an adjustment or minor service. Nobody knows the normal sounds your vehicle makes better than you. When something changes you’ll probably notice it right away. Any new, strange sound that doesn’t go away should get your immediate attention.

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